To conserve is to love ourselves and our environment; For this reason, we seek that our garments can have an extended duration through the care of the fabric. The quality of the Baby Alpaca Fiber allows this possibility to repair and continue using the clothes you love.

For better care of the duration of your Nina P'itay garments we offer repairs of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Repair Service


Repair Service



To request this service you must follow the following steps:

1. When placing your order, add the repair service to the shopping cart.

2. On the date you wish to use the service, contact our team to send you our form so that you can clearly indicate the areas to be repaired, in addition to indicating whether the garment has had previous repairs.

3. As part of the package, it is necessary to include the form with the specifications that confirm a garment shipment for a repair service. The shipping address is to Nina P'itay SAC, Los Almendros 110 Int. 201 - La Molina (Lima, Peru).

Nota :

Note: At the moment, this service is only applicable in Peru. In the near future we will be working with partner workshops overseas in Europe and North America to provide a life extension of Nina P'itay garments.

Our repairs are carried out by hand, so it takes 2-4 weeks to fix the fabric. In some cases, it will not be possible to recover the tissue by the stitch joining technique, so you will be informed of the repair by another technique by making any change in the product design. The cost of the repair service includes the shipping costs from Nina P'itay's repair location to your address. The cost of picking up the garment to Nina P'itay's facilities is at your own expense.

To use the service, it is requested that the garment is clean and reflects the proper care between uses, washing and drying necessary. For more information you can consult our Care Guide that allows a greater extension of the life of the garment.