Nina P’itay’s weavers family : Raúl

“Each garment has to be made with passion, even using some machines, the tension will depend on the hand of the weaver.”

Mr. Juan Raúl Mamani Cruz

Raúl is a Peruvian, experienced and passionate about his work, fast and committed; he is willing to provide the best quality for each person who acquires his garments.

One day, he saw a new neighbor move and bring some machines to their house. Over time, he noticed the noise generated by these types of artifacts and asked his neighbor, what were the functions of these appliances and why were they making these sounds.

This Malki sweater is weaving by Raul
– Campaign poster by Fashion Revolution

His neighbor saw that he was actually interested and wanted to learn about the subject so he showed him the machines he had in his house and told him that he was creating a small business in a studio.

Raul was impressed with those weaving machines and wanted to test how they worked. So, when his neighbor suggested that he work with him during his vacation break, he did not hesitate for a second and accepted with much enthusiasm. 

Amongst small mistakes and hard work, Raúl learned to handle those machines, which was a little complex on his own (he only needed to see how his colleagues in the studio made them work). 

Since then, Raúl has perfected his woven work and experimented with different garment models and designs

Today, now with 14 years of experience, he is proud of how much he has evolved in the industry and of being able to be a weaver who is not only part of our small family but also helps contribute to the preservation of a culture with the help of a 100% ecological and sustainable brand. 

Weaving taqru Infinity scarf

And he looks forward to the day when his cardigans, scarves and other accessories made with natural baby alpaca fibers are recognized worldwide, elevating the Nina P’itay family and his beloved Peru.

He invites people with the same enthusiasm to preserve this art, not to get carried away by the prejudices of any industry and to have a passion for each one of the garments he delivers.

“Everything starts from oneself, work and succeed.”

Mr. Juan Raúl Mamani Cruz

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