Long before the creation of the Nina P'itay brand, Nina embarked on the path of making alpaca wool clothing and along the way, representing the history of those who taught her and shared her passion for weaving from a young age.

During the 70's while growing up in the city of Huancayo, which is located in the Mantaro Valley in central Peru, Nina watched her grandmother knit with crochet and her godmother with sticks. Driven by her desire to learn, she began weaving at the age of 8 with recycled wool from her mother's fabrics. From that moment on, Nina always dedicated time to weaving. Even years later, with a busy family and teaching full time, she never stopped weaving.

Over time, this work took on an important financial role in Nina's life, allowing her to make additional income during difficult times. More importantly, Nina's weaving served as one of the best lessons for her children: demonstrating how dedication and passion for what one does can result in the drive and determination to move your craft forward, despite the circumstances. At the age of 55, Nina, alongside her two adult children, stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, tying in her passion for social responsibility with her decades of experience crafting alpaca wool clothing.

Today, more than a brand, Nina P'itay is the story of self-recognition, acceptance, the conviction of believing in oneself, and the magic of weaving with love, dedication and respect for those generations of weavers who have passed down their skills.


The name of Nina P'itay stems from the assessment and identification of our history not only from a personal meaning as founders but also from being able to make our origins known.

Nina has a special meaning because Maritza's father called her affectionately like this since she was a child. Little by little, as her passion for weaving grew, young Maritza became Nina . Likewise, our brand name expresses itself from the Quechua language of the Peruvian Andes to raise awareness of the work of weaving as a tool for knowledge, appreciation, and empowerment.

Through the union of the two words, Nina meaning fire and P’itay meaning knitting, the brand gains its strength from the notion of intertwining fire. The fire symbolizes the strength and passion for which Nina continues to weave for the well-being and care of your loved ones.

As it, Nina P'itay is a proud Peruvian brand that honors the alpaca fiber as the source of reconnection with our ancestors and the generations of weavers who have come before.