Our Family

We were born as a family business and we work under the same concept. 

In honor of the weavers and thanks to each person who has been and is part of the process of making Nina P’itay come true, we share a few words from Nina.

“Our work as weavers begins with the understanding of the value of each garment through the dedication and care of the fabric that we make, from the elaboration to the delivery of it to the user. 

For me, the meaning of knitting has a background that generates a unique bond between the creator and the user that becomes a bond of emotional and cultural exchange. For each weaver it is a joy and pride to give life to a piece that will be given to a special person, just as it is special for the user to obtain a totally unique piece.

For this reason, at Nina P’itay we develop our passion together with a team that shares the same feeling and ideal to recover and value the link of the elaboration of a knitted garment where the processes are slower, but that builds a connection between people.

The weavers who work with us have magic in their hands, and that is precisely what we want to reflect: that each of our garments shows the love, effort and dedication that these people who are already part of our family put into it ”.

– Nina


Meet the members that are part of our family

“Each garment has to be made with passion, even if some steps of the process require machining, care is put into every detail. The resulting garment is not only of exceeding quality, but a reflection of love for the trade and of superior craftsmanship."

Mr. Juan Raúl Mamani Cruz

"Slow Fashion is not about keeping up with styles or trends, it’s about providing customers with long-lasting, high-quality items that have been fabricated with fair treatment of laborers and the environment."

Maritza Oviedo, founder of Nina P’itay

“Knitting allows oneself to have to time to ponder about one's wellbeing and priorities. Some knitters have even claimed to have 'found themselves' while fabricating complex weaves. It's an activity of production, but also, it's a time for meditation and self-improvement."

Milagros Oviedo