Our Philosophy

From the heart of home, Nina was born with the desire to provide well-being to the family and the environment. That search has led her to connect with her roots, recognize her essence and discover her values, those that are aligned with the idea of an integrated and balanced development of human beings and appreciation for their resources.

In this way, the transformation of each Nina P’itay garment seeks to generate a positive impact on the planet by prioritizing, within each of our processes, respect, transparency and awareness towards the environment and society. We seek to reconnect with ourselves and the environment that surrounds us, intertwining soul and nature.



Our individuality starts from a collective. It is our commitment to recognize, consider and take care of the impact of our actions with others and the environment that surrounds us.


We reflect who we are.
We are actively responsible in the development of our processes for social and environmental benefit.


We coexist under the support of an ecosystem and we coexist within a community.
Based on this, our work is to reassess the position and decision-making that we have regarding the care of the planet.