Our Process

The creation of each Nina P'itay garment is based on the circular economy model. Our process consists of the development of six stages that arise with the intention of improve the usual patterns existing in the supply chain in the fashion industry, which -to a large extent- develop an extensive roadmap that produces a greater negative impact on the environment.

Each of the stages seeks to reverse this impact and provide well-being to the community and our environment from the action of minimizing waste, reducing polluting elements and providing an extension of time of use of the garment that starts from the choice of raw material of high quality to a joint work of purchase priority awareness, care guide, repair and reuse.

Learn about our process and its six stages below:

Local sourcing

Alpaca as a sustainable material


Decentralized with local weavers


Longer dual-use life with compostable wrap


Limited collections in natural colors

Custom tailoring

Creation of unique garments