Saphi Collection

“We are a brand that has been committed to sustainability for years, but it is only today that a real interest is being taken in this type of garments”

Maritza Oviedo, founder of Nina P’itay.

Being sustainable is not just a fashion that came out a few years ago.

We consider that to be sustainable you really have to change all your timeless lifestyle and connect with nature, beauty and what better, with its origins.

Nina P’itay launches her new Saphi Collection (origins in Quechua) inspired by the beauty, comfort and majesty of nature that will transport you to the origins of the garments.

A world full of textures and colors, with a very diverse culture and lifestyles that inspires us to create this collection so rooted in our origins. Which have been lost to globalization and devaluing over time.

This timeless collection not only seeks to maintain these origins, but also seeks to help and empower the weavers who make each of our garments with passion.

This is just the beginning.

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