Sustainable brand

“Being part of Slow fashion has no relationship with style or trends, but it’s about being conscious, responsible consumers in which our decision has an impact on our environment and society.”

Maritza Oviedo, founder of Nina P’itay

Too few people know what is really means to be part of the ethical community or Slow fashion.

People think that it’s so easy, such as to stop using some plastics or simply follow the ecofriendly trends. But it’s not like that. Being sustainable implies balancing your social, economic, ecological and cultural scales to generate true development in society, and thus meet current needs without affecting future generations in satisfying their own.

The nature of fashion is no stranger to this reality. In fact, that plays an important role in its ranking as one of the most polluting industry and as a means of raising awareness of the problems involved in consumerism (i.e. fast fashion).

In addition, fast and low-cost fashion, based on immediacy and producing low quality clothes at cheap prices, constantly renewing products in stores and closets, contributes to this being an unsustainable industry: beyond the huge amounts of water used to obtain the textile fibers, its production process, when using dyes and bleaches, is chemically very intensive.

Nina P’itay as a brand is in search of consolidating the path of sustainability and being part of a balance between our work and the environment, our only home.

That’s why to weave all our garments we use natural fibers such as alpaca, with coconut buttons and 100% cotton labels, sent in reusable packaging and made with recycled materials. This is so that each buyer doesn’t only buy one garment, but that it becomes part of a way of life.

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